[email protected]

Just send us a simple email, and include at least one way for us to see what you currently look like, or what you do online.

You can do that any number of ways, including linking us to your instagram handle, a Facebook profile, a dropbox album, a MM account, your Twitter, your Vine, Youtube channel, or tumblr.  Or just attach some pictures to the email!

If you want, let us know how you heard about us, and what kind of experience (if any) that you have with modeling or acting. No experience is needed, but we do need to form an idea of what kind of content is already out there.

Whether you’re a first time model, a veteran of the industry, or an Instagram star looking for the next step, we want to hear from you!


We’re mainly looking for non-nude performers, that way we can create and market non-nude content with you. That would mean you haven’t yet done any explicit camming on the side, tried out for Playboy, posted fully-topless pics to instagram, or uploaded your sex tapes anywhere.

If you HAVE already done some nude work on the internet, don’t give up yet! We might still be able to work together in special cases. We do work with a range of different types of performers currently, but have learned that the bikini and tease models have better success online with our format and make more money with us. Hit us up anyway, but tell us what content might already be out there, whether it was released publicly yet or not.

Let’s make something awesome!