These are just a few of the many models in our Epic Panda family who we’ve been collaborating with over the last decade to make two different types of content: fun videos for their Youtube channels, and hot glam photos and videos for their personal paysites and clipstores.

Are you curious about what kind of career you could have? Read below for some more info about the online presence of these four Epic Pandas, or apply right now and ask us!

BrookeBROOKE MARKS now has over 6,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, 14,000 followers on Twitter, and a non-nude website that has grossed millions of dollars in sales.  Chris Hardwick plugged her video “Lost in the World of Warcraft” on Attack of the Show in 2008, and she again appeared on a later episode, where show host Kevin Pereira named Brooke Marks the “#1 Woman of the Web” in a countdown segment that included Elizabeth Banks at #9.  In 2009, Twisted Pictures (the producers of the many “SAW” movies, Saw I, II, II, IV, V, VI and SAW 3D) cast Brooke Marks as the star of their feature horror film “Vlog”, about a webcam blogger involved in a series of grisly murders.   That horror movie was written and directed by Joshua Butler, who went on to edit and direct many episodes of The Vampire Diaries.  Brooke’s funny videos have been featured on the front pages of numerous high-traffic mainstream websites such as,,,,, and many others.  Brooke’s videos “The Harley Quinn and Joker Sex Tape,”  “There is a Ghost In My House“, and “Why You Should Never Date a Famous Pillow” are recent fan favorites.  Brooke’s website, social media presence, and Youtube channel are still going strong in 2016!

Here are a few screencap trophies we took over the years when Brooke’s videos got front-page plugs:


Misty GatesMISTY GATES is one of the world’s most popular webmodels and camgirls, and Epic Panda has produced all the promotional content for Misty and operated her website since 2007.  Misty has nearly 30,000 followers on twitter, and a subreddit devoted to her with almost 5,000 subscribers on reddit, 6,000 followers on instagram.  Misty inhabits a wacky world with enchanted animal friends, like talking inflatable whales and stuffed seals who she interacts with on cam and on Twitter, a sort of PeeWee’s Playhouse meets cammodeling.  Misty Gates’ posts have shot up to to the front page of reddit’s r/all a staggering 5 times, and her pics have held positions at the top of many famous subreddits, including r/nsfwcosplay (with 3,700 upvotes2,300 upvotes, 2,030 upvotes, and 1800 upvotes), r/ass (with 1,800 upvotes) and r/starwarsnsfw with the top post of all time!

BaileyBAILEY KNOX is a non-nude/tease model in the same genre as Brooke Marks, with over 12,000 followers on Twitter.  She’s appeared in the pages of FRONT magazine (who named her “Bird of the Week”).  She works exclusively with Epic Panda, and is consistently mentioned by affiliates as a top-selling website to promote.  Epic Panda produces “Bailey’s World”, an ongoing webcomic starring Bailey Knox that is published one panel at a time, and her fans eagerly await the release of new pages.  Bailey has appeared in fun promotional Youtube videos such as this blind taste test of “Expensive Delicacies vs. Gas Station Snacks”, which pitted Dom Perignon vs. Smirnoff Ice.

Below is a scan of Bailey’s apperance in Front mag, and three pages of “Bailey’s World”:


Carlotta Champagne

CARLOTTA CHAMPAGNE has appeared multiples times on the covers of Playboy publications, and her modeling career and tireless work ethic have made her one of the most famous nude models in the world.  Carlotta has worked with thousands of photographers and production companies all over the world, and often collaborates with Epic Panda to bring out her comedic side, as seen in the videos “Twerking Self Defense” and “Who Photoshops the Kardashians?”  Epic Panda operates her Official website,  Carlotta has over 15,000 followers on Twitter, and boasts over 5,000 subscribers to her subreddit, r/carlottachampagne, which Epic Panda moderates.